Awesome features


Upon arrival, some lights will already be installed and ready to use. This means you can start shooting as soon as you walk in!


Did you forget something at home? No need to panic! We can source, deliver, and unpack any gear you might need with amazing deals!


We want to give you all the tools to turn film the movie of your dreams. Both white and green screens will be available for you!


Hidden fees have poisoned the movie industry for too long! All of our prices are clear, so you won’t risk any unpleasant surprises!


Have a problem? Need some help? Our customer service can help you 24 hours a day; from Monday to Sunday!

Stage Power

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Production Area



Lounge & Make



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White Screen










Keswick st

All day free street parking. When arriving before 8:30 AM you can expect to park around 20 cars.

Parking Lot (Mon-Fri)

During weekdays, we offer 4 parking spots + 1 loading zone spot which could be used as a parking space.

Clybourn Ave

The opposite side of the building has all day free street parking. Building side has a 1-hour limit.

Parking Lot (Sat-Sun)

On weekends the building stops all activities, and the parking lot can accommodate up to 20 cars.

Your studio is where all the magic happens… but you only limit yourself when you leave all the cool tech to the competition. The great news is that you don’t have to spend thousands on equipment when you rent what someone else already has!

Whether you’re getting ready to shoot a promotional video, create an instructional video for work, conduct a professional job interview, or just make a fun video for your personal YouTube channel, we’re here to help. Here at Film Stage 365, we have all the amenities you need to get it just right.

Pre-Lit for Your Convenience

We understand your time is valuable. That’s why we work to have the right lighting ready for your arrival. Our pre-lighting setup ensures some lights are already installed and preapred to use. ( typo from before not corrected: prepared)

If you’re no stranger to video production, you know just how big of an impact improper lighting makes. A few of the common mistakes novices make include:

  • Too many shadows
  • Face lit too brightly
  • Improper backlighting
  • Excessive glare
  • Improper light distribution
  • Lights incompatible with the dimmer

We go the extra mile to ensure you look like a pro with every video you shoot.

Making Magic with White and Green CYC

Did you know many of the action scenes you see in your favorite movies aren’t so intense after all? They are often shot in the safety of a studio with most of the action taking place on the green or white screen.

You probably aren’t shooting an intense action scene, but there are plenty of great effects to take advantage of with the use of this technology like:

  • Putting yourself in any scene
  • Inserting pictures and images to help tell your story
  • Presenting graphs and other data
  • Allowing your creative juices to flow with little restriction

Here at Film Stage 365, we have white and green CYC to allow you to do all this and so much more. The color options allow you more freedom in your wardrobe, and everything is included with your studio rental.

Helping You in a Bind

We understand things can get hectic during a film shoot. That’s why we offer equipment delivery. If you forget something from home, we will source, deliver, and unpack any gear you might need.

From start to finish, we strive to offer the support you need to make the best video possible. All of our equipment is already covered by insurance( are you removing this?), and our simple pricing ensures you don’t get snared up in hefty hidden fees. We even offer 24/7 support, so call today!